Forever move, forever learn.... un voyage sans fin

Lisa has been addicted to photography since long before digital times, and this passion is predominantly linked with her love of travel. Although brought up in France, Lisa has studied and learnt her craft and the jargon of photography in the UK. Having said that, her ongoing pursuit of experiences, other cultures and the natural world, have taken her to every continent around the Globe. Perhaps it's her multi-cultural background, perhaps her love of languages, but Lisa has always yearned to travel, to discover new places and to continue learning as she considers photography always brings new challenges. With her photography, she strives for drama and atmosphere, finding that Black & White brings a more direct route to portraying such elements. This desire for strong contrasts and powerful images has led her to explore the compelling results that Infra Red photography can bring. Unusually, she is able to pre-visualise these and other images in Black & White rather than merely converting them from colour in post-processing. Her enthusiasm for the natural world means she tends to shoot mostly landscape and wildlife, but she prefers to see them as complimentary rather than separate disciplines, aiming to find compositions in Nature which prompt an emotional response or reaction, both in herself and others. The constant desire to find great images runs parallel with her concern for conservation and ecology issues, and her interest in discovering new cultures. She is deeply committed to animal welfare, and does not disturb the wildlife for the sake of photography, even if that compromises the results. It is this passion for the natural world as well as travel that motivates her photography, although she would still prefer to be in front of a sleeping cheetah, even if taking a picture was not possible, than sat at a desk processing last week's images!